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Tax Services

McGraw Financial Services, is committed to reducing the burden of paying taxes for all filers. We will prepare your tax returns in the most ethical manner and with the best informed information. We help develop tax saving strategies year-round as needed to help minimize your potential total tax burden. We are qualified to prepare all federal, state, and local tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and fiduciaries.

Tax time is a stressful time of year for many individuals and businesses. Given the complexity of the ever-changing laws and the difficulty of interpreting them, you need a tax advisor who not only can ensure you’ve complied with the law, but who can help you claim valuable deductions and credits you may have never suspected.



The fastest way to put money in your pocket, is to reduce your taxes with a tax strategy!

Our creative tax strategies have one over-riding objective – to increase your wealth.

What Is A Tax Strategy?

Taxes are the number one expense of any business or investor and McGraw Financial Services Tax Strategy ensures you are paying the least amount of tax allowable by law, regardless of your business or investment situation.


We begin by identifying your business, personal and other financial goals. Then we carefully analyze your current business and investments to uncover deductions and other permanent tax saving opportunities.

Lastly, we devise a custom and flexible entity structure in addition to a tax plan that will serve as the basis for tax savings for the rest of your life.

More than Tax Returns

More than Tax Planning

It's a Plan of Action

On average, our clients reduce their taxes by 10-40%*

It’s not as hard as one might think. Especially, when you consider that 90% of the tax code is written to benefit entrepreneurs and investors.

Phases of a Strategy

Team Meeting

1. Find an Advisor

Evaluation of your current tax strategy and a new understanding of how to find the right advisor for you, even if it’s not us.

2. Design

Black Pencils

Creation of a custom strategy and action plan to accelerate your path to financial freedom.

Female Running

3. Implement

Coordination between your team of advisors to execute your strategy and achieve your vision.

4. Report

Men with Calculator

Preparing tax returns, developing reports to show the progress of your strategy and identifying any needed changes.

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5. Protect

Confidence that your team is prepared to defend your tax strategy against the tax enforcement service of your country(s).

Reporting your Strategy

The way we conduct tax filings demands much finer attention and creativity than most accountants can offer.

We are committed to seeing the process all the way through.

Income Tax Strategy


International Tax Strategy


Tax Return Preparation


Tax Consulting


Estate Tax Planning


Multi-state Tax Strategy

Taxes should be simple, easy and understandable.

If you have more questions, please take a moment to contact us

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